What is telemark skiing?

Telemark skiing is undeniably the most unique form of skiing that MOC is involved in. In
telemark, a skiers heel is free to move up and down much like with cross country skis,
but they still make their way down a hill, like alpine skiing. In the most elegant fashion,
one must lunge their way down the hill through each turn. This is a good demonstration
of telemark skiing.

How can I try out telemark skiing?

MOC rents out telemark skis, boots, and ski poles. That’s everything you need to get on
the hill! (Although a helmet is also recommended).

Where can I go telemark skiing?

In the area surrounding Montreal, any of the great ski hills are great locations for
telemark skiing. Hills such as Saint-Sauveur, Olympia, Mont Saint Bruno, and Bromont
are great for learning, while Mont Sutton and Mont Tremblant are great for intermediate
and experienced tele-skiers. There is also some amazing skiing located in the Northeast
US (New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire) at hills such as Jay Peak and

It is sometimes said that if one is to free the heel, the mind will follow.